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Installing our first Episode Landscape Speakers

We got to install our first Episode Landscape Speaker system. It includes 4 ES-LS-SAT-6-BRN Satellite Speakers, 1 ES-LS-BSUB-12-CPR Burial Subwoofer, and 1000 watt 2 channel Crown Amplifier, and a Sonos connect as the source. It sounded Awesome! We will for sure recommend this system for anyone looking for good outdoor sound in their backyard or business again.

2015-04-21 012_edited.JPG

1 of the 4 Satellite speakers. The cool thing about this system is that we can point it anywhere, so with the 4 total speakers, we were able to point towards the patio area where guests will dine and mingle, as well as point towards the sportcourt so it covers the whole backyard with no dead spots at all.

2015-04-21 006_edited.JPG

This is the burial subwoofer before we buried it. This thing really kicks off the bass!

2015-04-21 013_edited.JPG

We can really hide the speakers in the landscape as well!

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