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Episode Launches Signature Speakers

Episode Speakers launched its new Signature line, including premium speakers designed specifically for custom AV installers. Episode Speakers is a brand division of Charlotte-based SnapAV, a designer, manufacturer, and exclusive source of more than 1,800 AV solutions for the residential and commercial channels.


Signature speakers were designed to offer clear, natural acoustics and premium performance. “The first thing you’ll notice is the shallow mounting of the woofer, which ensures that the driver maintains wide dispersion and room-filling sound,” explained Alex Zaliauskas, director of product design. Other unique details include the adjustable elliptical tweeters of Signature’s in-ceiling models that provide flatter frequency response for consistent sound quality at every volume level.

The line offers a 1300, 1500, and 1700 series, though Zaliauskas warned, “Don’t let the 1300 series fool you into thinking it’s entry level. It will outperform anything in its class.” At the 1700 level, Signature speakers boast an impressive fiberglass honeycomb Nomex cone woofer and a pure titanium tweeter for a more transient and dynamic sound that the team says is unparalleled.

“We really took a lot of time to think about what our integrators are doing with these speakers every day,” said Mike Jordan, VP of Episode Speakers. Complete with patent pending tension dogs that spring into place with a simple quarter turn, an ergonomic shape for easy grip, and a dust cover that doubles as a handle during installation, the new Signature speakers boast a plethora of installer-friendly features. “We are one of the few brands out there designing speakers specifically for the integrator market,” added Zaliauskas.


And as for aesthetics? “They’re sexy! They’re hot!” laughed Jordan. With thin-bezel and bezel-less grille options available, plus a sleek black finish, and a red interior that only the integrator sees, this line was designed for good looks as well as premium sound. Signature also boasts exclusivity, being the first Episode product available exclusively for SnapAV’s Partner Rewards Members. “It’s like a members-only jacket,” said Jordan, “Everyone wants to be a part of the club; they want to own something exclusive.” “Nobody spends 18 months designing speakers anymore,” added Zaliauskas. “But we did. There is nothing else out there in the market that will look like this and sound like this.”

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